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Dodge 47RE, 48RE Transmission Controller - Black. Will also work for the 47RH series.


Includes FREE shipping to lower 48 US states!

Controller Actual Dimensions = Width 5.25" Height 3" Depth 1.75"


Dodge 46RE Controller designed for Gas engine applications. Will also work with some 47 series. Has a Silver PowderCoat finish.


Global shipping available!

Controller Actual Dimensions = Width 5.25" Height 3" Depth 1.75"

The new TCM440 Kit is a standalone controller kit for the Dodge 4 speed automatics including the 42RE, 44RE, 46RE and 47RE transmissions. This is a full manual controller with direct control over Gear selection and TCC lock. Requires no programming - Plug and Play. Easily connect the input wires directly to the controller with the new set screw terminal block!

Will hold in any gear selected! You can manually Lock the Torque Converter Clutch (TCC) with the Yellow button in 2nd, 3rd and 4th gear!

Included in the Kit:

  • The TCM440 Controller with our proprietary Launch Mode.
  • The New Silver Bullet RockerBox for a quick and discrete shift with 2nd gear adjustment.
  • E-TransControl 2" Digital Gauge with Gear, TCC lock and GP level indicators.
  • Full Color Instructions and wiring diagram.
  • Also includes a 6' transmission wire harness made from TXL high temp automotive wire.

TCM440 Kit $469

Flatrate $30 UPS Ground shipping to all 48 lower US states!

The TCM930 and TCM932 is the easiest plug and play way of controlling the Dodge transmissions used behind the Dodge Gas or Cummins engine. They work with the stock valve body and provide fully automatic shifts based on the Vehicle Speed Sensor and a few adjustable settings. The VSS signal controls the shifting for 1st to 2nd & 3rd. The shift points are adjustable right on the controller. No PC required! Overdrive 4th gear and TCC engage are fully adjustable and set independent of the other gears. 


The TCM930 series has 4 easy to access setup buttons with glowing indicators and it includes a 6 ft. harness made from high temp automotive TXL wire and our premium automotive grade connectors.

Doing a conversion using the Cummins Diesel?
The TCM930 is a stand alone controller and will work with or without a ECM on the vehicle. From stock pickups to Ford or GM swaps to Rat Rods the TCM930 will work for you.
The TCM 932 series has 4 different screens for monitoring live data and viewing different settings including MPH and the transmission fluid temp.
All New TCM440 was designed to function like our Manumatic Controller and provide a Full Manual control over the gear selection and TCC Lock on the Dodge 42RE, 44RE, 46RE or 47RE series of transmission. It requires no programming and is a Plug and Play controller. The Kit includes our proprietary 2″ (52mm) Round Gauge that indicates your Gear selection and Torque Converter Lock status. It also includes our New Silver Bullet RockerBox for easy shifting and converter control.

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